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QTO Subdomain - TEXAS  // TEXAS //
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Renovations on two Dallas Buildings

Renovations on two Dallas BuildingsTwo downtown Dallas skyscrapers that have been stuck in the 1980s are being brought into the new century with dramatic redos. The Dallas Morning News has published this.


Real Estate Editor, Steve Brown wrote in this story that Remodeling will begin in the coming weeks on the 34-story KPMG Centre at 717 N. Harwood St. and the 50-story Thanksgiving Tower at 1601 Elm St. The multimillion-dollar makeovers of the two aging office towers will be among the most ambitious renovation projects to date in downtown.


Both buildings are being revamped to accommodate thousands of workers moving into Dallas’ central business district.


“Our vision is really to bring some new life into this building both by way of renovation and new tenants,” said Sheena Paul, vice president of World Class Capital Group, which owns KPMG Centre. “The building is definitely stuck in the ’80s.”


Dark stained paneling lines the lobby walls of the office tower, which opened in 1980. Back then, dark stone and wood interiors were de rigueur.


Two California firms, Omnitracs and Active Network, are already building out new headquarters offices in the tower, which will house more than 1,500 workers.


“We think those tenants will bring new energy into downtown Dallas,” Paul said. “It sends a message that downtown Dallas is a place for technology firms.”


Leasing agents with Transwestern who are hunting other businesses to fill up KPMG Centre say the upgrades will play in their favor.


“Through thoughtful planning of this new common space, tenants in the building have the opportunity to work beyond the four corners of their space and interact with each other, which will inevitably lead to idea-sharing and the building of a real community at the tower,” said Transwestern managing director Duane F. Henley.


About the same time that work starts at KPMG Centre, construction will ramp up a few blocks away at Thanksgiving Tower.


New owners Woods Capital of Dallas and New York-based Third Point Opportunities Master Fund are spending $18 million to remodel the 32-year-old skyscraper.


“We are on track to begin the renovations late next month or January,” said Woods Capital founder Jonas Woods. “We expect to be finished this time next year.


“The building will effectively be like new by the end of 2015.”


Santander Consumer USA Inc. has already begun moving more than 1,100 workers into remodeled offices in the upper floors of the building.


The Thanksgiving Tower redevelopment, designed by Gensler and New York architect James Carpenter, includes rebuilding the lower level with new retail, outdoor spaces on Elm and Pacific Avenue, and adding clear glass to open up the lobbies.


As with KPMG Centre, dark granite and marble in the ground-floor lobbies will be removed in favor of white stonework and tile on the floors.


“We’ll do the lobbies and the outside plazas together,” Woods said. “We’ll work on one side of the building while the other side stays open.”


With these two projects and more still in the works, almost every major building constructed downtown in the 1980s will be sporting new looks.


“We are working on a graphic that shows all the redevelopment that’s happening on Pacific, Elm and Main,” Woods said. “It’s a major gentrification for this part of the city.” He signed off.


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