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QTO Subdomain - TEXAS   // TEXAS // : (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com
QTO Subdomain - TEXAS   // TEXAS // : (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com
QTO Subdomain - TEXAS

QTO Subdomain - TEXAS // TEXAS // : (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com

QTO Subdomain - TEXAS  // TEXAS //
: (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com
QTO Subdomain - TEXAS  // TEXAS //
: (866)-493-4944

Third Street Reconstruction

Third Street ReconstructionBid Ends :
February 5, 2015


Valuation :


Owner Type :


Report #:
201400731071 v. 3


Location :
TX (Travis)


Detail :
Full depth reconstruction of West 3rd Street from Guadalupe Street to Nueces Street, including the western half of the 3rd & Guadalupe intersection, Construction of new concrete and/or brick paver sidewalks and pedestrian ramps along the north side of West 3rd Street between Guadalupe Street and Nueces Street and the East side of Nueces Street from 3rd Street to the 4th Street., Installation of electrical conduit and other appurtenances associated with proposed traffic signals, street lights, and tree lighting, Installation of approximately 1,900 LF of concrete and PVC storm drainage pipe and associated appurtenances., Installation of approximately 350 LF of ductile iron water line and associated appurtenances.Installation of concrete foundations for art sculptures (art sculptures to be furnished by artist


Project Type :
Roadway Lighting, Paving, Sidewalk/Parking Lot, Storm Sewer, Water Line


Type of Work :


Stage :


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